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Category: Health

Awareness, not panic, is in order

I’ve taken a cautious, fatalistic attitude about COVID-19, the coronavirus that’s sweeping the world media. I think the media have way overhyped the danger to the average American, and Americans […]

Thornton, Colorado, homeowners lose election

This is a postscript to “The one about nonpartisan elections.” Yes, the election was nonpartisan, in that political affiliations were not mentioned. But the oil and gas employee, a Republican, […]

George Carlin on abortion

Given the recent surge of extremism re Roe v. Wade, now seems a good time to reprint these insightful words from comedian George Carlin, first published here April 26, 2012. […]

Back to the Stone Age

Supposedly Alabama’s restrictive new abortion law is intended to get the abortion issue before the now more conservative Supreme Court in an effort to overturn Roe v. Wade. But unless […]

Finally, my Shingrix vaccination

It required three or four months on a wait list, but I finally got my first of two Shingrix shots yesterday. Shingrix is the new vaccine for shingles that has […]

When will we ever learn?

In A Measles Outbreak, Demand For Vaccine Spikes A quarter of all kindergartners in Washington county aren’t immunized. Now there’s a measles crisis Defying Parents, A Teen Decides To Get […]