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Category: Health

Please stay home … for them

We stay here for you ❤ please stay home for us! This photo was posted on the local NextDoor app. It could have originated anywhere, but it should be posted […]

Sheltering in place

So … is everybody out there self-quarantined? Er, sheltered in place? And how are you doing so far? I thought a 14-day trial would be pretty easy. After all, I’m […]

Awareness, not panic, is in order

I’ve taken a cautious, fatalistic attitude about COVID-19, the coronavirus that’s sweeping the world media. I think the media have way overhyped the danger to the average American, and Americans […]

Thornton, Colorado, homeowners lose election

This is a postscript to “The one about nonpartisan elections.” Yes, the election was nonpartisan, in that political affiliations were not mentioned. But the oil and gas employee, a Republican, […]