Hummingbird and chick on live webcam

Phoebe is an Allen’s hummingbird. She and her chick, Sassy, are nesting in an Orange County, Calif.,  rose bush. Be patient; it takes time to load. You may need to click “reload.” And, oh yes, lights out after dark: This feed was acquired at, and is also available at Ustream, where you can read a lot more about Phoebe and Sassy and join in a live chat with other Phoebe phans. If you’re familiar with hummers, you’ll love this. If you’re []

The Great Rocky Mountain Light Show

Just another webcam screenshot from yours truly. That’s Boulder sprawled down there in the valley. I’d live there if I could afford it — not around the university where the students and old old hippies are but out in the burbs in the foothills with the miles and miles of greenbelts and parks (and occasional bear, coyote, or mountain lion). Anyway, again, here, it’s the play of sunlight that got my attention. Love the highlighting on that very solid-looking wall of clouds []

Denver skies never twice the same

I’m a skywatcher. Always have been. It probably has a lot to do with growing up in Oklahoma, where the sky dominates the prairie. There’s so much to see up there, so much going on, especially on less-than-perfect days. Take this view, captured about an hour ago by one of my favorite webcams. Dark clouds overhead, visibly dumping what has to be snow, considering the temp is only about 32° right now. But as dry as the air is here, it may []

Welcome back, TundraCam

One of my favorite Colorado webcams, the TundraCam, is operable again for the first time since last year. I checked on it a few minutes ago, and there was the live image, complete with cloud shadows racing by. Hurray! Perched at 11,600 feet on Niwot Ridge, west of Boulder, the fully “steerable” webcam is sponsored by several research groups at the University of Colorado. Be sure to explore the website to learn more about their activities and the area around the lab. []

It’s dry in them thar hills

I’ve added another Colorado webcam to those I regularly visit. This one is at the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center, one of two entrances on the east edge of Rocky Mountain National Park and the one I usually use. (You’ll have to click on the link and scroll down to see the camera’s entire view. With luck, they’ll have moved the cherrypicker by then.) Aside from offering a nice view of Longs Peak, it includes an interesting bit of information in that bar []

High-altitude Colo. webcam up and running again

Most readers probably won’t care, but my favorite high-altitude (11,600 ft.) webcam, TundraCam, is back in operation. The TundraCam is fully controllable, with zoom and pan functions, and has a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountain high country west of Boulder, Colorado. It is located at a research station on Niwot Ridge and can be reached only via hiking trails. Fully exposed to the worst weather the high country can whip up, the camera may sometimes be frozen in place or knocked []

Webcam links added to Pied Type blogroll

Links to some of my favorite webcams north and northwest of Denver, Colorado, can now be found in the Pied Type blogroll. The Boulder camera has two live views of the University of Colorado campus and city of Boulder, looking west toward the mountains.