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Category: sexism

Is this harassment?

This video was intended to demonstrate the harassment a woman endures while walking in Manhattan. In this example, a woman walked around Manhattan for 10 hours, following a friend who was carrying the camera […]

Conflagration Scotus

  This post originated on Brain Spank as “Conflagration Scotus” by Michael Douglass. It expresses my outrage at the Supreme Court better than I’ve managed to do so far. Interestingly, both Douglass and […]

men in labor

Men try simulated labor pains (video)

These Dutch television hosts decided to see what a woman’s labor pains feel like. I love it! This should be required for all fathers-to-be. Or anyone who needs to learn […]

Serious news or serious sexualization?

What should female journalists wear on television? The Washington Post addressed that issue yesterday with an article entitled “The colorful evolution of newswomen’s attire.” To anyone who watches TV news, […]

Born $849,000 in the hole

Not only can women not “have it all,” but they are born at an $849,000 lifetime disadvantage. They live longer, earn less, pay more for insurance, and take more time […]

War on women continues

The war on women continues. Of course it does. It hasn’t stopped just because I ran out of expletives. Temporarily. But while I’ve paused to catch my breath, others have […]

Herman Cain

A woman’s take on Herman Cain

Herman Cain’s attitude toward women is starting to make me sick. Four women have accused him of sexual harassment, and one of them described something more akin to assault than […]