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Category: World

From Australia, a heartwarming story

When the dying patient, en route to palliative care for the last time, expressed a wish to “just be at the beach,” Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) paramedic Graeme Cooper took […]

Bet you can’t help smiling

This video is five years old but it was new to me. And it certainly brightened my day. I hope it will brighten yours, too. The back story on this … […]

We need another JFK

I’m watching a rerun of CNN’s series “The Sixties,” specifically season one, episode 2, “The World on the Brink.” It’s about the Cuban missile crisis. I watched again as Russian ships […]

Lessons of Brexit

… and their buyer’s remorse started the very next day as a Leave supporter started a petition for a do-over. Almost 4 million signatures have been gathered. The obvious lesson is that […]

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’

In 2003 Costa Rica banned the euthanasia of stray dogs and instead turned to spaying, neutering, and sanctuaries. At the Territorio de Zaguates sanctuary, the dogs — more than 700 […]

Suddenly I feel younger

In Verbania, Italy, yesterday, Emma Morano became the oldest person in the world at age 115. Born on November 29, 1899, she is believed to be the last surviving person […]

Shooting at parachuting pilots

If the early reports are correct, and with apologies for the mangled, paraphrased poetry:   I’ve never been a soldier I never hope to be one But I can tell […]