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Category: World

D-Day: 75th Anniversary

Normandy by the Numbers The Normandy Invasion consisted of 5,333 Allied ships and landing craft embarking nearly 175,000 men. The British and Canadians put 75,215 troops ashore, and the Americans […]

Money and morality

From the New York Times newsletter this morning: • Quotation of the day “A country that can’t be trusted with a bone saw shouldn’t be trusted with nuclear weapons.” — […]

From Australia, a heartwarming story

When the dying patient, en route to palliative care for the last time, expressed a wish to “just be at the beach,” Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) paramedic Graeme Cooper took […]

Bet you can’t help smiling

This video is five years old but it was new to me. And it certainly brightened my day. I hope it will brighten yours, too. The back story on this … […]