Overcoming procrastination

One small step this morning. Picked a name from the phone book and made an appointment with a nearby CPA to do my taxes. Nothing has changed since last year other than my moving, and last year I was told I didn’t even need to file a return. Still, I’ll feel better having an accountant doing the return (I don’t think the people at H&R block are any smarter than I am, and I want someone who will be around next year, and the following year, etc.). I don’t expect to have to file this year either, but next year… after I sell the house… there will be capital gains tax and all. I don’t have a clue about that.

Now, I need to make an appointment to get some stuff done on the car, find a new health insurance carrier no later than June, decide (by the first of May) whether to move or lease for another 6 months or a year. Moving, of course, means finding another place, which means figuring out what I can afford, which means having sold the house (which I can’t do till the existing lease is up at the end of June)… so much to figure out, to decide on.

More procrastination (or is it depression, or maybe just plain laziness)… I’ll worry about it tomorrow. Calling the accountant was my objective for the day.

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