Muslim medical students score another point for intolerance

Muslim medical students in England have decided to get picky about their coursework when it conflicts with their religious convictions. While I can appreciate their desire to abide by their religious beliefs, I think it is obvious they are choosing the wrong place to express themselves. Clearly they should be in a Muslim medical school, with the objective of practicing in a Muslim country. They knew this school’s requirements when they entered, and it is up to them to observe the school’s requirements as they pursue their degrees. Furthermore, it seems safe to assume that in the future, these individuals would allow their religious beliefs to affect the medical care they provide, if they choose to provide it at all.

I freely admit to having a prejudice against foreign-born and foreign-educated physicians. This incident only reinforces that prejudice. Good medical care is getting hard enough to find without having to worry that my doctor’s decisions might be influenced by religious or cultural differences.

... and that's my two cents