There is no constitutional right to bear arms

3 thoughts on “There is no constitutional right to bear arms”

  1. “As an editor”, your understanding of grammar and punctuation desperately needs improving. I suggest reading _Stopping Power_ by J. Neil Schulman, in which he interviews two topflight grammarians and a language usage expert on whether the first clause of the Second Amendment conditions the remaining sentence in any way. Hint: it does not.


    Like every other editor I know, I’d be the first to admit my experience doesn’t necessarily make me right; it only makes me opinionated.


  2. The stregnth of your argument also includes that the Militia is a “necessity” regardless of your viewpoint now. So they are not merely linked as you state, but both necessary. Since we eliminate one doesn’t argue for eliminating the other. It is more of an argument for restoring the former. That is what the “constitution” says if you want to talk about constutionality……steve

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