Haven’t played tag since I was a kid, but here goes …

I’ve been tagged. Lumpy tagged me with her Fluff Five Meme. Having never been tagged before, and still trying to understand exactly what a meme is, I decided to participate just this once. (I’ve always hated being called a poor sport.)

5 Things Found in Your Bag:

  • Jury summons from yesterday’s appearance (In the words of the judge, the defendent had “fled the courthouse and could not be found,” so he let us all go. Whew!)
  • Bottle containing aspirin, Sudafed, and some white pills I can no longer identify
  • Paint chips in case I stumble across a sale (court security took my tape measure)
  • Plackers (so much handier than floss!)
  • Artificial tears (for those times I’m not shedding enough of my own. Need a crier? Call me!)

These goodies, along with all the usual stuff like a bulging wallet that hasn’t zipped since the day I got it, wads of shredded tissue, keys, three pounds of loose change, sunglasses, etc., all dumped unceremoneously into a big black leather hobo bag. Not a fashion statement, but it works for me. I switch to tan, or straw, for summer.

5 Favorite Things in Your Room:

My little house is so small, it counts as “my room.” I have some favorite things I still haven’t come across since I moved in here, but I haven’t completely unpacked some of my boxes. Hope some of my treasures are in there somewhere.

  • Amazon Cat (no box is too small for a determined cat)

  • Santa Fe Woman (original lithograph by deceased OKC artist Donna Berryhill). I love the serenity of this picture and the faraway look in her eyes.

  • Souvenir picture of the balloon “Morning Glory” that I flew in back when I was a lot braver and a lot more foolish. It was an incredible experience, once I got up the nerve to look over the side.

  • My dad’s medical school ring. He wore it on the third finger of his left hand and rarely took it off. His original ring, worn smooth over many years, was stolen during a burglary, and this was actually his second one. (Interesting … I can see details in this picture that I couldn’t make out before. Enough to see that it’s upside down in this picture.)

  • Trail patch my son presented to me after I climbed Longs Peak (14,255 ft) in 1979. (The night before, he gave me a palm-sized rock on which he had written “Keep on going strong.” It’s still packed away somewhere, I hope. If it doesn’t turn up, I’ll be heartbroken. I’m almost afraid to tackle those last few boxes now, for fear I won’t find it.) Climbing Longs, the highest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, had been a dream of mine for about 20 years.

5 Things You Are Currently Into:

  • Blogging
  • Politics
  • Grandkids
  • MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games)
  • Mountains

5 Things You Have Always Wanted to Do:

  • Raft the Grand Canyon (minus the overnight camping)
  • Safari in Africa (minus the heat and crawly things)
  • Own a place in the mountains
  • Become a well-known writer
  • Be rich, thin, and athletic! (or does that count as 3 things?)

5 People You Want to Tag:

I’m changing this slightly from people I can actually tag to those whose responses I’d be interested in seeing.

  • Maya Anjelou
  • Dalai Lama
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • My brothers and sisters (oops, that’s 4 right there)
  • My grandkids thirty years from now (my bad. That’s 2, so far. Guess I’m way over the limit, huh?)

Sorry to have wimped out on the “chain letter” aspect of this tagging thing, but I don’t actually know 5 people with blogs I can tag. Anyone wanting to perpetuate this meme, go for it.

3 thoughts on “Haven’t played tag since I was a kid, but here goes …

  1. Hey 30! Love the list you tagged – let me know if they decide to meme it on th is one. Is that really a cat? I thought it was one of those fluffy fireplace rugs. šŸ˜‰
    Yes, that’s my kitty, doing what he does best (sleep). šŸ™‚

  2. This is so cool, sorry it took me so long to come and see. I had to soak up all the fun I could the last few days off before back to work full time nights šŸ™ The cat is hilarious! Love the pictures in your room, you are an adventurer! I really admire that! The rock that your son gave to you is such an amazing thing to get and I’m sure it kept you going when you didn’t think you could! Your dad’s ring is a great keepsake! What kind of doc was he? I’m glad you have it! This was fun PT, and I love the pictures, makes it so interesting to see – it’s the nosy girl in moi! What is this “MMORPGs” thing you speak of? Sounds very interesting!
    Anyone who works nights has my ultimate respect. I don’t think my personal biology would allow it; I’m like Cinderella, turning into a pumpkin at midnight. / My dad was an ob-gyn. / You’re not the first to ask me about MMORPGs. I got into them because I could play with my son when he was miles away. And because I’m weird enough to think they’re fun. You make a character and travel around in a virtual world doing quests, fighting monsters, etc. The hook for me is that the other characters in the game are played by other real life (“RL” ) people and you interact with and chat (via typing or microphone) with them. I’ve played with people as far away as Germany, Brazil, and Australia, but most are spread across the U.S. and Canada.

  3. Aww, kudos to your dad- that must have been very rewarding! The game does sound interesting! Almost sounds like dungeons and dragons of sorts except playing with so many people from far and near. My bro use to play D&D. Oh, I can see you on that microphone working your magic *smile*

    I have to work nights. This way, I’m always home during the day if one of the kids needs me. We have never had to get a sitter and I don’t have the heart to ask my mother, I cherish her too much- she’s getting old and doesn’t have the energy. So, I’m a night owl! It’s when I get all my blog’n done šŸ˜‰
    Yep, the games all started with D&D, which my son played in its pre-computer forms. He couldn’t get me interested until I saw Everquest on the computer and got hooked. Then went on to Dark Age of Camelot, and World of Warcraft. Funny thing about the microphone: a female voice really startles the guys sometimes; they tend to think all the other characters, both male and female, are played by guys.

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