Enough with the Russert eulogizing, please

2 thoughts on “Enough with the Russert eulogizing, please”

  1. I absolutely agree. They are giving the guy’s death the same amount of coverage as the death of a former president or an important world figure (e.g. the Pope). Russert was a great journalist, but his contribution was still rather miniscule.

    MSNBC is the worst news network in the history of the planet. Since 2007, the network has engaged in the business of idolatry. What a shame!
    Idolatry! The perfect word. That’s exactly what they are engaging in.

  2. This is such a tragedy.

    Clearly, the wall-to-wall coverage of a reporter’s passing indicates that we should cancel the elections this year. This is more tragic than 9/11 or the Holocaust.

    With such a tragedy, who can possibly care about the thousands in peril due to bad weather in the Midwest and South, and who can possibly focus on such minor issues like the hundreds that are killed on a weekly basis in Afghanistan and Iraq?

    Please, MSNBC, just turn into the all Russert all the time network. Can we maybe get a one week retrospective on his passing, with monthly updates on how his cemetery plot grass changes in length with the seasons?
    No kidding. I had to poke around, through, and over the Russert stuff to find details of the Iowa flooding and the prison attack/break in Kandahar. Talk about losing all sense of perspective and priority. 🙁

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