Evil independent gets booted from The Confluence

3 thoughts on “Evil independent gets booted from The Confluence”

  1. The Confluence is a blog devoted to Hillary Clinton. It is definitely not a public blog; it is meant for a selective audience (devoted Hillary supporters).
    By public, I meant accessible to the public (not password protected or otherwise hidden from view and not requiring registration in order to comment).

  2. Oy. How tedious. It wasn’t even like you were disagreeing with them. You were doing them a favor by pointing out that they could be tempting fate with ravenous corporate lawyers.

    Bah, I hope the folks at Puma get a tip-off that someone is ganking their logo. It would serve the idjuts right.
    Well, I’m no snitch, but I’m not above occasional jeering 😉

  3. Hey 30,
    They sound like a bunch of wankers to me. You’re right, if you’re going to post a political blog then you should be able to let everyone speak their piece, except in the case of extreme rudeness or profanity or plain flaming. And your comments were so benign – it figures.

    If I were you though, I wouldn’t give them a live link. Why send them traffic? The jerks.
    I was torn between using the link, so people could see how obnoxious they are, or leaving it out. And right now, taking it out sounds like a good idea. Thanks for the nudge. 🙂

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