Women of the blogging community, what say you?

4 thoughts on “Women of the blogging community, what say you?”

  1. Hey 30,
    Thanks for the linky luv and I quite disagree, your contributions were wonderful. I found your answers quite insightful and deep. It was a great project to do I really enjoyed learning more about all of you ladies – you girls just rawk!

    Yeah, blog and blogger arent really pretty words, are they? What else could we call them?

    I’m afraid “blog” and “blogger” are too firmly entrenched to be changed now.🙁

  2. Having read your post and Writer Chick’s post, my interest is truly piqued. I’ve added both of your blogs to my RSS fed and can’t wait to see how each bloggess responds.
    Hi, PG, and welcome! I added you to my reader a little while ago (and I’m honored to have been added to yours). I couldn’t bear the thought of missing any more of your wonderful graphics and posts. I’m still chuckling over the Vanity Fair McCain cover. 🙂

  3. blog and blogger are ugly words … and yet there it is firmly engtrenched in our daily vernacular … sigh … i used to only say journal but over the years, i have joined in what can’t be fought, lol …

    its nice to meet you 🙂
    Hi hi, Dar. Welcome to my … er … web site. Always nice to see a fellow … umm … author … writer … webster(?) person. 🙂

  4. Hey thanks for popping in at my blog.

    I’m not a real fan of the terms “blog or blogger” either. Although I have to admit, I feel a little “cool” when I tell people that I blog, LOL.
    Hehe, me too. 😎 Besides, it sounds better than admitting “I play video games.” Of course, then I have to explain why I’m not telling them where my blog is.

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