Beijing architecture is its own spectator sport

2 thoughts on “Beijing architecture is its own spectator sport”

  1. but the Bird’s Nest is not one of those “wow” structures for me. It ranks more as a “hmm” or a “weird.”

    I have to say I agree with you – when I heard way back when that they were building a birds nest and that is was going to be stunning – I was intrigued.

    Then I saw it being built and finally finished – all I thought then was that is was a load of crap.

    Totally pointless and, indeed, ugly.
    No doubt it’s full of all the latest technology. And I understand bird nests are special to the Chinese. Maybe they love it.

  2. I’d be afraid to look in that CCT building, at least in the top horizontal frame.
    Good point. I hadn’t thought about that. Definitely, that bldg is something I’m content to admire from afar. I’ve never been real big on gravity-defying except, strangely, I do love flying. But see, planes are MEANT to defy gravity. Buildings … not so much. Uhh … hard to explain, but my gut knows the difference.

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