More on those Chinese documents that keep vanishing

Update to yesterday’s post about the disappearing Chinese documents proving one of their gymnasts is underage:

Well, well, it took the MSM long enough to pick up the story. Fox News just had Mike Walker (aka Stryde) on for an interview, telling about what he found. Trust me, his blog post, now posts, are much more interesting, detailed, and technical; the Fox report was extremely superficial. We’ll see now if the story has legs.

Meantime, at the bottom of Walker’s second post, in an update, he mentions this link to a Chinese Google page. Interesting stuff, even for those with very little techie expertise. If you own a computer, you’ve been on Google. But you probably haven’t seen a page like this. Be sure to mouseover and read all the hyperlinks, and definitely click on “View original web page” at the top to see what the page used to look like.

Update, 8/21/08, 11:47 pm: Based at least partly on Walker’s discovery, the IOC is launching a further investigation into the ages of the Chinese gymnasts. Nice job, Mike! I guess the story does have legs.

Update, 8/23/08: Veeery interesting … those cached pages on Baidu that Mike Walker found, the ones that I and untold other bloggers captured screenshots of, have now vanished. “The webpage cannot found.”

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