Quick! No peeking! How many houses do you own?

John McCain really has me scratching my head right now. How can he not know how many houses he owns?

When a reporter asked him yesterday how many he owned, he had to refer the question to his staff. Huh?

I know, I know, maybe I’m even more out of touch than I thought I was, but I sure as hell know how many houses I own. And I can’t imagine ever being so rich and/or out of touch that I couldn’t answer that question (although I’m more than willing to give “rich” a try).

I dunno. Do the super rich buy houses by the dozen or something? Do they just tell their investment brokers or whomever to go out and pick up a couple of houses? Anybody out there know if that’s what they do?

Oh, I know. Maybe McCain didn’t know right off hand because he’s currently in the process of buying or selling a home and doesn’t know exactly where the transaction stands. Offer pending, check clearing, credit being checked. (Well, maybe not that last one.) These things do take time so, yes, I can see that being the reason.

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3 thoughts on “Quick! No peeking! How many houses do you own?

  1. Well, apparently, if you have a “Strong Conservative Wife”, she’ll go and buy a house while you’re at work.



    If she keeps doing that, I could see how it would tough for a man to keep track of many house he had.
    Ohhh, so THAT’s the difference between Liberal and Conservative!!!

  2. McCain is not rich; his wife is. He does not own these houses; his wife does. If we want answers to this question, ask Cindy McCain. As for the number of houses one owns, who cares? Unless the McCains bought these houses illegally, why do we need to even care? People are not allow to be rich??? This is not communist China. What about JFK, FDR and company? What about the American Dream? This is pettiness at its core. Obama campaign is indeed floundering.
    I’ve got nothing against the rich. Some of my favorite relatives are very well-to-do. I’m just not familiar with how they manage their finances. Why didn’t McCain just say Cindy owns the houses?

  3. Right, so you don’t think that not being able to remember how many houses you own and eventually settling on “seven” might indicate someone who is a little out of touch with the average American person?

    Actually, as I pointed out on my blog (plug!), both these men live a lifestyle 99% of the American public will never see. Neither is hurting for cash. McCain’s family was well-off when he was growing up so he’s never really known a life of poverty. Obama may be rich now, but he hasn’t always been, so I do feel he’s got the high-road on this one.
    I sure wouldn’t mind giving that top-1%-out-of-touch lifestyle a try. I’ll bet it’s fun not having to worry about how much money you have in the bank till payday or how many houses you own this week.

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