Obama-Biden ’08: My cup of tea

Sen. Joe Biden

So Joe Biden is Barack Obama’s pick for vice president. I like it. A lot. Way back in the early days of this campaign, what seems like at least ten years ago, I thought Joe Biden would have been a really good choice for the presidential nomination. Not necessarily better than Obama, but certainly one of my favorites.

Now Obama has named him as his running mate. I like it. A lot. Hell, I was doing a silly little victory dance in my living room last night when I first heard about it (ask my son; he was here at the time). Of course, at the same time we were marveling that all those talking heads who were reporting the story were right here in Denver. Kinda cool.

Anyway, Joe Biden brings many, many years of military and foreign policy experience to the ticket. Imagine — world knowledge in the White House again! If we can just get this team elected, I’ll sleep soundly again.

2 thoughts on “Obama-Biden ’08: My cup of tea

  1. Obama’s favorite attack line: “John McCain has been in Washington for too long. He is out of touch with working Americans. It’s time to bring change to Washington.”

    I guess he can’t use this cliche anymore, especially with a 37-year veteran of Washington by his side. Furthermore, Biden was a strong critic of Obama and his inexperience from the start. All those soundbites will come back to haunt Obama and Biden.

    Obama would have been better off with either Hillary Clinton or Tim Kaine. Hillary would help him with the woman’s vote. Tim Kaine would help re-enforce his “change” message as well as putting Virginia solidly under D column. He went against his instincts by picking a supposedly “safe” choice. Let not forget that Biden is a gaffe machine. Remember the “sniper” gate that doomed Clinton and the “bitter” gate that almost doomed Obama. I guess we’ll have to wait to see.
    I wouldn’t presume to know what Obama’s instincts were in regard to his veep selection. Picking an older running mate with extensive foreign policy experience who is well liked, well known, “works well with others,” Catholic, and very popular in Pennsylvania, strikes me as sensible.

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