Nissin Chow Mein noodles

Ramen noodle recipes: old dog, new tricks

Nissin Chow Mein noodles
Nissin Chow Mein noodles, my favorite brand, comes in its own plastic microwavable container and includes a packet of meat and veggies and a packet of sauce. These noodles are more expensive than the plain packets, but the included cooking container is a major convenience. Beef teriyaki is my favorite flavor.

I’m probably the last one in the world to realize there are websites out there that exist just to publish recipes for ramen noodles. Or that there are actually recipes for ramen noodles. A local TV news report brought this to my attention this evening when they aired a story about “The Official Ramen Homepage.” I think they said the recipes on this site number in the hundreds. Who knew there were that many ways to fix ramen noodles?

I’d guess everyone who has ever had to live on a very tight budget, or just save a few pennies here and there, is familiar with ramen noodles. Students are the obvious example, although I don’t recall eating them when I was a student (maybe ramen noodles didn’t even exist way back then). Personally, I love them, but my creativity has rarely extended beyond a pat of butter, a sprinkling of pepper, and maybe a dash of parmesan cheese or a handful of broccoli. Call me a purist.

Hundreds of recipes for ramen noodles? Who knew?

Note: Okay, so I was asleep when I posted this. And everyone has been too nice to mention I was misspelling “ramen.” Good thing I’m not still drawing a paycheck for my editing. Anyway, I’ve corrected myself.

9 thoughts on “Ramen noodle recipes: old dog, new tricks

  1. That’s a fun site. Ramen is good every once and a while. It is so good, it makes sense that it could be used to make a “dish” but I never thought of that before. Great link!
    Oh good, so I’m not the only one who thinks ramen is just ramen? If I wanted to make a noodle dish, I’d buy some fancier noodles. But then that would violate the “keep it cheap” tenet.

  2. Too funny–I had those for lunch today. Someone in the office made something spicy in the kitchen and it made me think of the ones with the “Oriental” flavor. (Ugh, what political incorrectness.)

    I can ask my man if they serve a lot of ramen in jail. (And that didn’t come out right–he’s a CO, not an inmate!)
    Roast Chicken is my favorite. I avoid Oriental and Shrimp.

  3. I’ve lived on tight budgets a lot, but always gravitated toward cereal meals or just peanut butter & jelly. So I’ve never actually had raman noodles! Are they really as good as people say?
    I like them a lot. Sometimes I just want the comfort of eating something hot, as opposed to cereal and pbj’s (both of which are probably more nutritious). I pour off most of the water after they’re cooked, and often put in less than the full flavor packet, which is very salty. More water gives you something more like a noodle soup. The regular chicken or roasted chicken flavors are my favorites — much like chicken noodle soup. At 39 cents per package, it’s hard to beat.

    Correction: 10/9/2008 — Local price check, 17 cents a package.

  4. Your explanation has led me to put these on my grocery list for my next trip. It’s about time I give them a try!
    Uh oh, I guess I’ll be in trouble if you don’t like them.

  5. Another obvious group of Ramen Noodle are us Bible College staff members, especially during the summer when the cafeteria is closed.
    I don’t think about them as much in the summer when it’s warm. But I can’t think of many — or any — other meals you can get for 19 cents.

  6. I was recently turned on to the Creamy Chicken version of Ramen noodles – I think I’ve found my new favorite! I find myself choosing that for dinner more frequently lately (it’s boring cooking for one, and it’s fast and easy). I like this flavor so much that I just purchased a case of them. For less than $5 for 24 packs, that’s almost a month of dinners!
    Mmm, I’ll have to look for that flavor. I may have passed over it, thinking there was no way ramen noodles could be “creamy.” Can’t think of a better testimonial than someone buying them by the case, and it’s not like it’s going to break the bank to try a pack.

    P.S. Yum. I tried the Creamy Chicken and it is definitely going on my list of favorites. Thanks for the tip!

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