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Techies put 672 readable pages on one screen

This is just a portion of the image at, where you can zoom in and read each of these pages/

To see the deep zoom feature (this is only a partial screenshot), you must go to Vertigo's site. (see story)

Normally if you zoom in on a image like this, the words and pictures get more and more blurry and soon you’re looking at nothing more than giant colored pixels. This one, however, is different.

Microsoft’s new Silverlight technology (my son called it “deep zoom”) has made it possible for Scott Hanselman and Scott Stanfield over at to assemble a single screen image showing the front pages of 672 November 5 newspapers from around the world, and you can zoom in close enough to read and examine every one of them in detail. Check it out (give it a sec to load; there’s a lot of data involved). It’s fascinating. Or maybe I’m just easily impressed by cool things I don’t understand, like a kid being wowed by magicians. Either way, it doesn’t matter. I love technology!


  1. DANGIT! I’m at work and could not view it without downloading… so I’ll have to check it out later gater! xoxoxo-
    Be sure to view it on their site. Deep zoom doesn’t work on the screenshot I’ve posted.

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