No way, no how, no mailing list

5 thoughts on “No way, no how, no mailing list”

  1. I agree, the money trail leads toward the victor. If Hillary is to pose an opposition to his re-election campaign in 2012, then he might as well make sure she goes broke before then!

    Could Hillary make the challenge for Democratic nomination in 2012, or just go at it independently. In recent memory, only one time has major third candidate emerged through a rift in an established party: Teddy Roosevelt in 1912. Like Hillary, he had millions of supporters through his prestige and previous experience in the White House. Could Hillary set up her own version of the Bull Moose? I’d sure like to see some sort of graceful giraffe take on the elephant and the donkey. What drama!
    Admittedly, now that Obama has won, he’s probably in for eight years. Maybe I should have said 2016. Whatever she decides to do, and whenever she might do it, I can’t see him handing over the keys to his success. At least not before 2016, when he’ll have no further need of them.

    A viable third party. Interesting. If Hillary is their nominee, they’ll probably opt for a puma symbol. 🙂

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