She brings out the worst in me … again

Oh, joy.

Two entities for which I have no use whatsoever — that Alaskan woman (initials S.P.) and the National Rifle Association (initials N.R.A.) — are getting together over Mother’s Day. Well, actually, at the latter’s upcoming annual banquet May 14.

It seems the NRA will be giving SP a nifty neato new custom-made military-style semi-automatic assault rifle, or whatever you call an AR-15 with a .50 caliber Beowulf chamber. All white (Alaskan camo?) and dubbed “The Alaskan Hunter,” the rifle will be engraved with a moose, the Big Dipper, a map of Alaska, and the words “In Honor of Governor (you-know-who). “

Word is SP won’t be attending the event. Drat. I guess neither the mean ol’ RNC nor the state of Alaska would pick up the tab.

I can’t imagine the NRA thinks this will buy them any votes in Washington anytime soon, but maybe it will boost their image in Alaska. I wonder if it means we’re going to be treated to another pin-up shot (no pun intended), this time featuring two Alaskan hunters.


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