The little building that could

3 thoughts on “The little building that could”

  1. NEVER!

    Interesting PT, as usual! Sorry I’ve been gone… look forward to catching up!
    You don’t think all those corporations are in there somewhere? In a really deep basement or something?

  2. Hey 30!
    Well, it’s been the way of business from the beginning of time. It is amazing that all those businesses could fit in there, isn’t it? I wonder if Houdini could have pulled that off?

    As to avoiding taxes – yeah, maybe but the fact is those guys show salaries and they pay taxes – most of them actually. Personally, I’ve always believed that businesses shouldn’t be taxed at all. It enables them to provide more jobs, and keep their concerns here rather than overseas. But you know me, a diehard capitalist.

    Hey did you go self-host? I’m loving it.

    Okay, so we eliminate the business taxes and just make everyone pay higher income taxes? Maybe impose an immigration tax? The money has to come from somewhere, doesn’t it? Well, at least in my personal bookkeeping it does. I never have understood national and global finance.

    No, not really self-hosting. I’ve owned the domain name for a long time and just coughed up enough loose change to get WP to take their name out of the URL. You’re the first to notice. 🙂

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