Health care reform? In your dreams

3 thoughts on “Health care reform? In your dreams”

  1. You’ve done a nice job framing this absolutely horrid state of affairs. We can only hope that Obama keeps up the pressure on this issue. It’s so deeply wrong now that it’s nearly impossible to imagine a way out. But let’s keep trying. Please!
    Oh I’m all for trying. I’ve just learned not to get my hopes up. Especially when it comes to Congress accomplishing anything worthwhile.

  2. You really can tell a society by how it treats its weakest members, and to me, that means those who are sick and lack the strength and know-how to advocate for themselves. The current system is a national embarrassment, and personally, I would have no trouble at all coughing up more taxes if it meant that I will never, ever, EVER again have to navigate our system and deal with all the nonsense that you, personally, know I have been dealing with.

    I also firmly believe that anyone who gets up on a sopabox and talks about how evil a single-payer system would be has precious little first-hand experience with the current system for a major illness. It all changes when it happens to you or someone you love–and having millions of dollars of personal wealth won’t save you then.
    It all boils down to money. Doesn’t it always? Nobody in Washington is going to agree to anything that reduces their profits. That’s why they’re all there now; they’re looking out for their interests, not the patient’s. The lawmakers supposedly speak for the people, but you can bet the lobbyists pay them a lot more than we the people. And besides, they already have more money, insurance, and health care access than they can use in their lifetimes.

    I wonder when any of them last struggled to ferret out a primary care physician they liked and trusted fully (and who was still taking new patients). Or took a family member to a hospital emergency room because they didn’t know or couldn’t get in to see a doctor. Or worried where or even if they could buy health insurance. When was the last time one of them worried not about losing a job but about losing the health insurance that went with it?

    I have no confidence that they appreciate the problems down here at street level. I have no confidence that they’ll fix anything. On a personal level, of course, I’m stuck on Medicare and just pray they don’t break it. It’s not that great as it is, but it’s all I’ve got.

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