California finally gets it right

Yesterday a California court overturned the state’s Proposition 8 banning gay marriage. A huge victory for equal rights, nondiscrimination, and tolerance.

You do support equal rights, don’t you? You do support nondiscrimination and tolerance, don’t you?

I don’t know how the law ever got passed in the first place. It’s scary really, to think a state could or would implement a law singling out a small part of its populace and saying, “We don’t like you, so we’re not going to let you do what everyone else does.”

And don’t tell me it’s about religion and what your church tells you. The government has no right to impose a particular religious belief on its entire population.

If you were able to marry the person you wanted to marry, great! So what difference does it make to you if someone down the street also gets to marry someone? It doesn’t affect your marriage or your life one iota. Enjoy your marriage and let others enjoy theirs. The world will be a happier place.


Note: For a really great post on this decision, check out How Joe Sees Things.

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