The lionesses of Iran

4 thoughts on “The lionesses of Iran”

  1. This doesn’t surprise me. Iranian women stand to gain the most from reform, and they have been pushing for it since I was in college.
    It’s just hard for me to imagine that so many women could be so brave in the face of such a repressive government. Maybe it’s easier to be that brave when you feel you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  2. Hey 30,
    Brave indeed, considering what they do to women over there as a matter of course. Any woman involved in this protest knows it could mean certain death to her. I don’t know where this will all lead but I am heartened whenever I see an oppressed society fighting back.
    I don’t see how the people can succeed against an armed government, and yet I don’t see them giving up. Once you’ve poked a stick in the eye of your oppressor, you can’t expect forgiveness and a return to the status quo.

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