Please stop playing with my food

Domino’s Pizza introduced their newest entree a few weeks ago — pasta bread bowls — and I’m still trying to understand why I’m so repulsed by the concept. If I eat out anywhere and order pasta, it’s going to come with garlic bread on the side. That’s the norm; I expect it. So why should putting the pasta into a bread bowl strike me as so wrong? I dunno. I guess I’m just weird.

I had the same reaction when KFC came up with that combo bowl that piled cheese, gravy, and corn on top of mashed potatoes, or something like that. You expect to eat all those things separately, even though you know it’s a huge amount of fat and carbs. It doesn’t seem really evil until it’s all piled together.

Maybe the marketers are drawn to the simplicity of having everything in one container. And maybe if I were to revert to childhood and mix all my food together on my plate myself, it would be okay. But I just don’t find it appetizing to contemplate someone else doing the mixing for me.

One thought on “Please stop playing with my food

  1. omg, funny- never thought of it this way but you are right. I like all my food separated on the plate and generally eat them one at a time. If I choose to mix them (corn and potatoes) I’d like to make that decision for myself 🙂 heeeheee
    As I said, it’s probably just me being weird, but that was my reaction when they first announced these combos.

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