Larning to spell iz steel inportunt

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  1. Ah, yes. The pubic relies on spell-checkers too much.

    Scary, isn’t it, that people actually trust those things.

  2. Oh, and as a side note, I’ve always found it amusing that one cannot spell the word “phonics” phonetically. 🙂
    LOL! I’d never thought about that. Big FAIL for whoever coined the word.

  3. Here’s one part of the problem that’s often forgotten and/or ignored about spelling – in order to be able to spell (and for that matter, read, especially unfamiliar words), one has to be taught PHONICS when one is learning to read and spell, especially with the English language. Memorizing words for reading or spelling is pretty useless except for certain very odd forms or irregular verbs, spellings, etc. That’s part of the problem of a language that has stolen about 60% of its content from other languages. I was taught phonics in 1st grade along with reading (back in the 60s) and it really made a big difference for me. To this day, it helps – I’m a medical transcriptionist now, and if I need to check/find/reference a term, I can think of many different sounds to look under after I’ve exhausted the obvious ones. I think we need to go back to teaching phonics for reading and spelling; for that matter, we need to go back to teaching spelling! oh yes, and handwriting – that’s going by the wayside, too.
    Personally, I’ve never known any method other than phonics. Seems to be the way my grandkids are being taught now; if there’s another method out there, I’m glad they aren’t being subjected to it. And you’re so right about the handwriting! Too many keyboards too early, and kids will never learn how to write. (My handwriting, never very good, has degraded noticeably over the last ten years as I’ve come to rely almost exclusively on keyboards.)

  4. Dis waz the bhest poenm dat i eva saw in my lihf…i really injoyed it and lihked it…u shoiuld read some ov my poehms becuz they r the bestest eva.
    Thanx fer dropin bye, bob. im glad yu lihkd it.

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