Scratch Huckabee for 2012

2 thoughts on “Scratch Huckabee for 2012”

  1. Oh, yeah. Huckabee is a right-wing nut. And I can say with quite a bit of anecdotal evidence and a whole lot of eye-rolling that they ALL “find God” behind bars.
    Yep, they’re all innocent, they all just fell in with the wrong crowd, and they all find God — especially when the governor who can commute their sentences is a former preacher. Why, it’s practically his duty to forgive them and let them out!

  2. Huckabee is one in a long line of right-wing nuts IMHO. He’s apparently been or going to be on an episode of “Shatner’s Raw Nerve,” a 30-minute talk show, and one of the things Shatner asks is, in effect, what makes you so sure you’re right? Good point. Sorry, but pushing the God and Bible angles just doesn’t do it for anyone who cares to think about it. I’m really rather tired of religion and politics mixed together – it’s giving religions a bad name (or worse name, depending on your point of view). I’m to the point where I, baptized Catholic, received into the Episcopal Church (which still has some sense), and now somewhere in between the Episcopals, Unitarians, and Buddhists, no longer wish to be buried in a so-called Christian cemetery when I die because I don’t wish to be associated, even in death, with a bunch of nutters!
    I would love to hear Huckabee answer Shatner’s question; I hope Shatner nails him to the wall. I have had it up to HERE with religious people inflicting, or trying to inflict, their religious certitude on the entire population at large. Their religious rights end where my civil rights begin — period.

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