Andrew Sullivan: Another one bites the dust

One thought on “Andrew Sullivan: Another one bites the dust”

  1. Well I’ll be, you and I defected at the same time. I started growing distant with the whole Lewinsky debacle and my disgust with Ken Starr. (I mean, come on, presidents have had mistresses for as long as we’ve had presidents.) But I made it official in 2000. Always liked Al Gore, but aside from that, I *knew* the minute Shrub said “we will not engage in nation-building” in a debate that he was going to get us into a war if he won the election. And yeah, enough already with the religious zealotry, racism, and homophobia. Just…BLECH!
    I knew I was in trouble with the GOP back whenever the party of “small government” began to take an overbearing interest in the private decisions women and their doctors were making. I finally snapped in 2000 when I took a good look at the frat boy’s credentials. Actually, right now I feel like both parties are abandoning the middle as fast as they can. Whatever happened to sanity and moderation!?

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