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Cheney, go snarl someplace else

Vader snarls

“Obama is trying to pretend we’re not at war,” intones former Vice Pres. Cheney.

Well, bully for Cheney. He got pegged as Darth Vader when he was in office, and now he won’t shut his trap because he’s the expert?? Doesn’t he realize how little weight former vice presidents carry in this country? Zero.

When you’re gone, you’re gone, Dick. Beat it. And try to maintain some dignity while you’re at it. It’s quite possible Obama doesn’t buy into your idea of what a “war” is. You and Georgie Boy came up with that “war on terror” thing. Doesn’t mean the rest of us agree with it now, or ever did.

Somebody show this man the door, please. He doesn’t need to hang around any more trying to cover his ass. We all know what he did and what he was a part of. Just get him off the stage and out of my sight.

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"Nothing is more dangerous than ignorance and intolerance armed with power." ~ Voltaire

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