Grandma aghast at Joe’s Crab Shack ad

Apparently the ad has been around quite a while, but this evening was my first exposure to the following ad from Joe’s Crab Shack:

Yes, it was on late night, around midnight here, but — call me a prudish old lady — my jaw dropped. This is not cute, it’s not funny. At best, it’s offensive and in pathetically poor taste. I question the sanity of those who approved and produced the commercial and the wisdom of any network still airing it. (The note on YouTube says Fox, Turner, and Discovery channels have banned it.) As it happens, I saw it on the Comedy Network. But even here, sandwiched between adolescent male comedy routines in all their bleep-filled glory, it seemed shockingly out of place.

I’m sure there are some families where language like this is common, probably far more than I care to imagine. But it’s not amusing and it’s not acceptable in polite society.

Joe’s should swallow their losses and cancel this ad immediately. Better yet, offer an apology to viewers. This couldn’t possibly be the image they wanted to project, could it?

There’s a Joe’s around here somewhere, I just learned, but I’ve never been. Not likely now I’ll ever be going. Too bad; I love crab. Now, of course, I’ll remember Joe’s. But not for the reason they hoped.

2 thoughts on “Grandma aghast at Joe’s Crab Shack ad

  1. My only real problem with it is that it’s just not terribly funny and/or effective.
    Agreed. The fact that it shocks little old ladies is only one of the several reasons it fails.

    1. I never picture you as being little or old. I picture you as being some sort of fiesty grandma in the Hillary Clinton or Sigourney Weaver mold.
      Why, thank you! (Sadly, I passed “little,” Hillary, and Sigourney about 60 lbs ago)

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