Twitter sans cell

Trying something new in the the sidebar — the Twitter widget.

I don’t tweet; I don’t routinely use a cell phone. But it did occur to me that the Twitter widget would be a way to add brief, passing thoughts or comments that don’t warrant an entire post. I’ve set the widget to show only two tweets, but you can see them all by clicking on the head, “Sans Cell,” or whatever I change that to. Replies have been enabled. Don’t know what that will look like unless and until someone replies (no, no, that wasn’t a hint … ).

If nothing else, it will be a writing exercise — saying what I want with just 140 characters.  We’ll see how this goes. I have to go to the Twitter site to post, and I may get tired of that pretty quick.

3 thoughts on “Twitter sans cell

  1. I love to tweet but have not done so in a long time. I especially love to do it at work so I write the stuff I am not allowed to say 😉 I’ll sign up for a new account and add you soon- then we can tweet together!
    Tweeting via computer doesn’t seem to be in the true spirit of tweeting, but it’s a way to add short stuff that people can still reply to (as opposed to a text widget). It would be fun to get some responses and see how that works, but I’ve already considered taking it down … so no promises.

  2. I don’t tweet or do facebook and I don’t know where my mobile is!!
    No problem. Frankly I don’t see the attraction of either Twitter or Facebook.

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