Stub your toe? Sue somebody!

One thought on “Stub your toe? Sue somebody!”

  1. Hey Girl,
    Good rant. The very reasons you cited are why ‘tort reform’ has been on the political table for a long time. Of course, it’s all talk and no action. In a valid personal injury case, I see nothing wrong in suing the offending party. For example a close friend of mine was struck while idling in her car with the other car going 60 miles above the posted speed limit. To date, her medical care has tipped $250,000. That would be a valid lawsuit in my mind. However, the idiot who takes a running hair blower into the shower with them deserves what they get.

    My personal philosophy is that the increase in frivolous and other lawsuits comes from the entitlement mindset. We are inundated daily on how we have a right to this or that and no matter what we don’t have to be personally responsible for our actions. Much as I’d like that to be true on one level – the fact is, there is no free lunch. These lawsuits have a direct impact on cost of goods, additional laws, wasted tax dollars, etc. I mean, how does the public think the sued parties absorb these costs? They pass them onto the consumer and taxpayer, that’s how.

    Good rant.

    Annie 🙂
    Exactly. We have the right to sue, so why shouldn’t we? 🙄

    I fear we’ll never see any tort reform, for the simple reason that most lawmakers are lawyers. They won’t do anything that restricts their colleagues and their profession. And stupid, irresponsible, greedy people will continue to push lawsuits as far as the law allows. So I rant in frustration at the insanity of it all.

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