Aww, Sandy, give the man a break!

Wow, can you believe that Sandra Bullock? Divorcing Jesse James just because he cheated on her. Has she no compassion? No understanding? It wasn’t Jesse’s fault; he couldn’t help it! The poor man was sick; he was a sex addict. But he went to rehab for it, and now he’s cured. Come on, Sandy. Do you live in the Dark Ages or something? Sexual addiction is an illness. And these days it’s treatable. Just ask Tiger Woods.

Men have been afflicted with this illness since their caveman days. Isn’t it wonderful that modern medicine has finally come up with an excuse … er, treatment … for it.

3 thoughts on “Aww, Sandy, give the man a break!

  1. Whenever and infidelity story is tagged *Hollywood* I sigh and turn to the sports page.
    In the grand scheme of things, does anyone really give a shit?
    Lord knows, I don’t.
    And yeah, poor, poor Jesse . . . LOL
    Hollywood or sports, my point is the same; “sexual addiction” is a crock, a cop-out, a convenient excuse for acting irresponsibly.

  2. Hear hear. I think there is a special surgery available for the really tough cases of male sexual addiction: peckerectomy. 🙂 Sorry, could not resist the alliteration.
    Love it. Such sonorous syllables!

  3. Loved the irony! “Team Sandy” all the way 🙂
    Yep, there’s zero excuse for cheating on “America’s Sweetheart” (or any other woman).

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