Exxon Valdez: The nightmare returns

7 thoughts on “Exxon Valdez: The nightmare returns”

  1. Seems that man will never learn from the past.
    That this will be worse than the Valdez just blows my mind.
    I didn’t think that was even possible.
    Never underestimate the ability of man to find bigger and better ways to destroy more and more of the planet.

    1. DOH, make that the Wall Street Journal. HuffPo is just reporting. My bad. No caffeine yet today.
      Halliburton, eh? Funny how that name keeps cropping up, and never in regard to anything good. Maybe this time they won’t be able to weasel out of their responsibility. As for BP, British Petroleum, who operated the rig, James Carville quipped the other day that the oil giant was about to become LP, Louisiana Petroleum. That’s good. Louisiana is going to need a new source of income after their wetlands and fishing industry are destroyed.

      WSJ and CNN also have been reporting that the well didn’t have a remote-control acoustic shutoff switch to backstop the other safeguards. Some other oil-producing countries require it, but not the U.S., because the oil companies objected to the expense, naturally. Those three underwater robots are now struggling to accomplish directly what could have been done remotely from the surface, had such a switch been installed.

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