Facebook ‘deactivation’ does not equal ‘cancellation’

5 thoughts on “Facebook ‘deactivation’ does not equal ‘cancellation’”

  1. Worth knowing. I’ve never had a Facebook account, and have no desire to get one, but my 15 year old does, and sometimes I feel like deleting her whole account! The whole concept of sharing every tiny detail with a group of strangers seems dangerous to me.
    The only reason I opened an account was to be able to see a page from a popular nature webcam I’ve been following. With yet another flap about Facebook and privacy, I decided it just wasn’t worth the risk.

  2. I’m still okay with FB but may be looking to ‘cancel’ in the near future.
    Great idea but the amount of info shared scares me.
    Yep, both FB and Twitter stopped being “just between friends” a long time ago.

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