Deepwater Horizon gone, photos still emerging

I just came across these photos, reportedly of the Deepwater Horizon burning and sinking in the Gulf of Mexico (click on photos to enlarge). They were credited to a DOE employee. Even with pictures like these, it’s difficult to imagine how big the platform was, or that it could have been there at all, or that the ocean floor was a mile — a mile — below it. That’s more than twice the depth reachable by a modern submarine.

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4 replies

  1. Amazing photos! It looks like something out of a movie.
    If only it had been a movie. There’d be only a little trash to pick up.

  2. Ahhh the gift that keeps on giving….

    back in the day we used to fish near the platforms off the coast of California. Some are huge…others only big. either way, I don’t undrstand how they displace enough water to stay afloat.
    Then you at least have some frame of reference. I’ve always lived in the middle of the country and still struggle to comprehend the size of ocean-going ships and structures, and the oceans themselves.

  3. I’ll be in your neighborhood this weekend for a wedding. never been to the Mile High City.
    Can you do something about the weather?
    Can do. Forecast is for 60s, with a chance of showers on Saturday. Doesn’t get much better than that here. (This morning’s snow has already melted.) Have a great time!

  4. The terrible thing about these images is that they can no more do justice to the size and scope of the damage than a photograph of a mountain can when compared to actually visiting one. It’s just mind boggling.
    Having climbed a few mountains, I’m well aware of the problem. That’s one reason I posted these particular photos. You can see two stairways coming down from the helipad, and another farther back. They add some perspective.

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