Cafferty and me — this time I saw it

Unreal. My comment today on CNN’s “Cafferty File” was read on the air, and this time I saw it! It happened last week too, but I missed it. Twice in nine days. What are the odds?

Okay, okay, I know I need to get a life. It’s pretty sad when the highlight of your week, or month, is getting one of your comments read on national TV. Seriously, if I had a life, would I be watching daytime CNN in the first place?

Today’s question was about the government starting to track the nation’s “obesity epidemic”: Should the government start keeping track of how fat our children are?

I was on that like white on rice (pardon my carbs): “No. Hell, no! My body, my kid’s body, my business! This is just another step toward the government telling us where, what, when, and how to eat. Stop the food police now!” — signed Sarah, Denver, CO

Guess I’ve burned through my 15 minutes of fame now, for sure.

Too bad. The next question was about Sarah Palin.

2 thoughts on “Cafferty and me — this time I saw it

  1. Outstanding! It’s not luck when you can do it two times!
    I think it’s poor record keeping on their part, letting me in a second time. But I’m not complaining.

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