Today’s grammar rant

If I hear one more person say “focus like a laser beam,” I’m going to scream. So far I’ve managed not to (scream, that is), but this particular phrase has already been overused enough to be driving me crazy … er, crazier. It makes me cringe.

I think Pres. Obama originated it, or at least popularized it. But that does not mean that “like a laser beam” is the only way to emphasize how focused you are. Nor does using the phrase make you cool or hip or with it or even remotely like Obama. It just makes you tired, trite, and extremely irritating. So just don’t. Okay?

Thank you. I had to get that out. I feel better now.

Categories: blogging, television, Writing


4 replies

  1. I’ve never heard anyone use it!

  2. how about:

    get real, like a hologram. 😉

    it has just that je ne sais quoi patina of pretend techno sophisticado-ishness.


"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." ~ Edmund Burke

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