Focus on the Family ad: Part II

Y’all remember back during the Super Bowl, there was a big flap about the evangelical group Focus on the Family running an ad with Tim Tebow and his mom? Pro choicers like me got really hot about the idea that an anti-abortion ad would be accepted, much less broadcast, during the Super Bowl. The ad turned out to be deceptively lowkey, but still brought a very hot social, religious, and political topic into the sports arena — inappropriately I thought.

Apparently FotF, based right down the road in Colorado Springs, was delighted to get so much bang for their advertising buck. They must have been absolutely besides themselves with glee when Tim Tebow was drafted by the Denver Broncos. And sure enough, they now plan to run ads during Bronco football games. Groan.

But no worries, says FotF Vice president Gary Schneeberger. The ads won’t be political or religious but will touch on social issues, such as promoting adoption.

Whew! I’m so relieved. No politics or religion. Just those innocuous little social issues like adoption (vs abortion?). For a minute there, I was afraid they were going to inject irrelevant controversy into sports again.

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