Dr. Laura pulls a Helen Thomas

Sounds like “Dr. Laura” Schlessinger pulled a Helen Thomas on her radio show yesterday. She used the “N word” at least 10 times on the air while talking to a black woman who had called for advice. She belittled the woman for being too sensitive about her white husband’s friends making racist remarks in her presence.

I’ve never liked Dr. Laura. I’ll make no bones about it. And I think she misrepresents herself (she’s not an MD, a psychologist, or a psychiatrist; she has a PhD in physiology). Publicity is her life blood, but she’s finally gone too far. She’s exposed herself as the insensitive, condescending, rude bigot she is. When thinking like this erupts in public on the job, it’s ugly, unprofessional, and inexcusable. Her subsequent apology is meaningless; she can’t un-ring the bell.

Like Helen Thomas, Dr. Laura should either quit or be fired. Immediately.


The full audio and transcript are posted over at Media Matters.

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4 replies

  1. She’s a complete fraud. The treats folks who call in like crap… i don’t know why anyone would call her?

    • Beats me. You risk public humiliation and abuse — live and on the air. Maybe that’s the attraction, getting to hear yourself on the radio. This caller, though, sounded sincere and was certainly more polite and restrained than Schlessinger.

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