Who says you can’t buy votes?

Check out the Sunshine Foundation, an organization that tracks and reports spending on federal elections, if you think votes can’t be bought. Actually, it’s not legal to buy votes, but influence and advertising — that’s another story.

When millions of out-of-state dollars are pumped into an election, the efforts and desires of that state’s voters are subverted. Outsiders should have no say in the matter, but under our current system, they do.

The people you elect to represent you and your state may literally owe more to out-of-state interests than to their constituency. You might want to check the tab before you vote.

2 thoughts on “Who says you can’t buy votes?

  1. Thanks for the new bookmark.

    Another of my favorites is a somewhat similar site that (among many other things) tracks the money trail throughout the election cycle. Here’s the money trail at OpenCongress.org. A government with favors to sell attracts customers the year round, not only during the campaign season.

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