Back off, TSA

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  1. In every political or philosophical disagreement there comes a time when diplomacy and reason either discover a mutual solution, or fail miserably. As an anal Libertarian, I believe that time has come and gone. We are being victimized by complacency inspired by our inherited legacy and natural belief that our government is one that uniquely acts in our own personal best interests. Death by a thousand paper cuts and our ability to ignore ceding our individual rights as necessary for security are one and the same thing.

    Prior to 9/11 I routinely commuted by air, but when the federal government took over air travel security, I quit flying. I quit going into airports. I quit picking up friends and relatives who arrive at airports. Aside from the fact that the federal government has no constitutional authority to commandeer any aspect of a private company, it also has no vested interest in doing a good job. A failure of security might well be the reason an airline employee has no job tomorrow, but the same failure won’t even shorten a TSA employees time in the coffee break room tomorrow.

    Allowing this sort of physical abuse to continue unchallenged will soon bring similar “accepted by the public” operations to the entrance of court houses and all other federal, state and municipal office buildings. Sorry for the length, but I’m p*ssed off too.

    1. No apology necessary. You have no idea how much ranting I cut out of this before I posted it. I’ve only flown once since 9/11, not because I’m afraid of terrorists but because of the security nightmare our airports have become. Someday a family emergency will probably require that I fly again, and I dread the day. Maybe things will get better by then, but in the meantime, who is going to protect us from our “protectors”?

  2. Sing it! I am very upset over this whole thing and only too glad that I’m not traveling anywhere this holiday season. I’m also glad that most of my faraway friends are in Amtrak country.

    1. If I were a terrorist, I wouldn’t go anywhere near an airport. (Been there, done that.) I’d be looking at trains (sorry ’bout that), buses, subways, tunnels, bridges, football stadiums, convention centers, power stations, tourist attractions, etc., etc., etc.. So many targets … and all the time in the world. As long as the US government persists in searching grandmothers, nuns, and children in US airports rather than profiling likely terrorists, the rest of the country is their oyster.

  3. Muslim women are exempted, but nuns aren’t? Our President is a joke, he’s just another statist, like his predecessor. Remember when ‘liberal’ actually meant liberty?

    On the plus side: this might finally be the issue that causes left-wing/ACLU/civil-liberties types and right-wing/Tea Party/small-government types to realize we’re really not so different, after all.

    1. I read somewhere about the exemption, but since then have read that it’s just something that’s being considered. Either way, it’s a crazy idea. Meantime, yes, it appears nuns are being searched.

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