Warm is good

Weather.com said the high today in the Denver metro would be 62°. My thermometer disagreed. It said 66° when I took the dog out for a turn around the block. I put a sweatshirt on over my T-shirt before I left the house and was uncomfortably warm by the time I got home.

Uncomfortably warm. There’s something I haven’t been for a while. Denver, in fact, has had record cold temps in the last month, and a decent amount of snow. I shoveled about 6″ off the driveway just a week ago. But with a warm, dry “snow eater” breeze up today, what’s left of it is melting fast.

I’ve even got a couple of windows cracked open. Lovin’ it. It won’t last, of course. But at the moment it sure seems like spring. Especially when I check out the hummingbird cam in Southern California, where babies Bea and Jay will be fledging (leaving the nest) any moment now.

One thought on “Warm is good

  1. Wow! We might hit 50 on Monday. Then it will be up and down all week, 30s and 40s, until Friday, when it’s supposed to be in the low 50s. And I just saw a video of Bea and Jay taking turns going over the side of the nest, testing their wings. 🙂

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