Iowa athlete right; mixed wrestling wrong

4 thoughts on “Iowa athlete right; mixed wrestling wrong”

  1. Where’s it going to end?
    First the TSA gets immunity from sexual assault and now college wrestlers?
    Kidding aside, this is crazy.

  2. I guess being a gentleman in the wrestling ring counts for nothing in present day America. Northrup should not have joined the team if it possibly meant wrestling females. This is a nightmarish example of Title IX taken to the extreme.

  3. Hes , got a valid point? Equality in sports hasnt much followed up wrestling. I cant help but imagine what law suits or bad publicity would be given to a large man brutalizing and hurting a female in any sport, including wrestling? This society and feminist would wreck all of our sports and spell disaster for any past time enjoyment . I think equality should be equal. Work, play ,fight like a man. But we all know what will happen to any man participating in these type of activites. The military has done in depth studies and found the truth. Our feminist govt refuses to acknowledge the truth. Maybe quota cannot be met? You figure it out.

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