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Chicago school bans brown bag lunches

If you think the government shouldn’t be telling you what to eat, you’re going to love this. The Little Village Academy in Chicago has forbidden its students to bring lunches from home. Unless they have a medical excuse, students must eat the lunches provided by the school.

The principal says she is trying to protect the kids from their own poor food choices. How thoughtful of her. Heaven forbid she limit herself to her designated task of overseeing classroom instruction and administering the school’s business. Why stop there when she can usurp the parents’ responsibility for selecting and preparing their children’s lunches.

So what if parents have to pay for lunches at school when they could be prepared more cheaply at home; the school is ensuring the kids get nutritious meals (assuming they’ll eat them, of course). Who cares that parents know and can address the individual likes and dislikes of their children; all the kids will eat the same nutritious school food or they’ll eat nothing at all.

Any bets on how long this policy remains in place?


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