Politics to trump science with budget bill rider

As it usually does, the Los Angles Times has come through with an even-handed, comprehensive story on gray wolves and, specifically, the rider in this week’s budget bill that will delist them.

Kim Murphy’s report far surpasses my feeble, biased update a few days ago and confirms my belief that the Times is the go-to source for environmental stories. Murphy holds my interest with solid writing and colorful nuggets like this:

‘There’s no doubt about it: Wolves were gut-shot over the weekend by Congress and the administration,’ Louisa Willcox, the NRDC’s senior wildlife advocate in Montana, wrote in a commentary.

But there I go showing my bias again. Better you should read Murphy’s full story.


Note: 3:45 p.m. MDT — CNN reports both houses of Congress have passed the bill with the rider attached. That means wolves have been delisted; they are no longer a protected species.

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