The ‘offensive’ flag drawing

Frankie’s flag

Frankie Girard is an 11-year-old in Orange, Mass. In art class he drew a picture of an American flag. His teacher reportedly refused to hang the picture because it would offend another student. She also denied him permission to hang it on his desk. Then, according to Frankie’s father, he was told to “take it home and be proud of it there.”

Now Frankie’s family is claiming his civil rights were violated and has called the ACLU. The school superintendent says no one ever told Frankie his drawing was offensive.

It’s a swearing contest, of course. Frankie vs. the school. The whole story is hearsay, and I doubt there’s a specific civil right to have one’s flag drawing hung in the classroom. What concerns me more is the possibility that a student would be offended by a drawing of an American flag. And if a student had not specifically objected, why would the teacher say such a thing?

Political correctness in this country is out of control if we can’t display the American flag for fear of offending someone. And if a student in that classroom found the flag offensive, he or she needs some additional education.

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