So maybe it’s Judgment Day after all

I knew I shouldn’t have been snickering about Judgment Day.  It’s not even 6 pm yet in the Mountain Time zone (although it is on the East Coast), and so far I have on my hands a dying refrigerator (funny how a lot of those fridge sales end today …), a kitchen sink sprayer that won’t stop spraying (it was fine yesterday), a leaking garbage disposal, and a broken drive belt on the vacuum cleaner. While trying to look up how to change the belt, my laptop overheated and crashed.

Okay, okay, I’m sorry!

(Sheesh, some people just can’t take a joke.)

7 thoughts on “So maybe it’s Judgment Day after all

  1. So… it wasn’t judgment day for people, it was for appliances. I guess my appliances were not good enough to be taken then as none of them have expired.


    1. I guess the appliances all broke down when they realized they weren’t being taken. Now they’ll all out of commission but still sitting in my kitchen. 🙁

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