Call me daft; I’m not into Judgment Day

What are your plans for Saturday? You know, May 21. Judgment Day. The Rapture. As predicted by Harold Camping, a California-based Christian radio broadcaster. Of course, he’s 89 years old now, so maybe this is more hope than prediction.

There’s been some interest here in Colorado, partly because Camping was born here and partly because we are home to both Colorado Springs, a bastion of religious conservatism, and Boulder, a hotbed of liberalism and Camping’s birthplace. They’re only 100 miles apart, with Denver right in the middle. Fun!

One way or another, it — whatever “it” turns out to be — will all be over soon,  but it has provided lots of fodder for the Denver Post. What I find most unsettling in the Post‘s story is that so many Americans actually believe this stuff, literally. Can you imagine their apprehension with only some 48 hours left and Camping having predicted that only 3% of all mankind will be called to heaven? That will leave a lot of folks in a world of hurt until, according to Camping, fire consumes the earth on October 21.

I don’t believe in Judgment Day, heaven, hell, etc., but if you’re one who does, I wish you luck. Most likely I won’t be doing much of anything Saturday, but if I were going to attend someone’s gathering, I’d probably opt for the one sponsored by D.A.F.T., the Denver Atheists and Freethinkers. I’d be with like-minded folks who obviously have a great sense of humor.


If you’re making plans for the big day, you might want to read “The Rapture is Just Days Away. What to Wear?”

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