Those intrepid reporters

7 thoughts on “Those intrepid reporters”

  1. It’s funny, I can remember a time when I thought “how wonderful that we now have round the clock news, allowing time to cover the stuff that gets left out of the 1/2 or full hours news shows.” Apparently covering all those actual “news” stories is too hard, but since they still have to justify all that technology and all those salaries, they’ve decided to go with a “reality TV” version of news instead. Now I can’t watch any one news channel for more than a few minutes before I’m ready to throw something at my TV!

    1. And if you watch for as long as an hour, they just start repeating stories. Still, it beats the soaps. I suppose I could always turn the damn thing off …

  2. I’ve been impressed by some reporters lately. Watching their interviews, I’ve been thinking to myself that I’d be screaming at the guy I’m interviewing. But, no, they calmly go about asking questions of complete pricks so that they can at least imply the illusion of impartiality. What a job!

    1. There are some outstanding reporters/interviewers out there. But I have no use for reporters in the field who think being up to their waists in dangerous floodwater somehow makes their reports more credible.

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