Casey who?

Someone please explain to me why the media is so fixated on the Casey Anthony trial. She’s a nobody, like most of the other accused murderers tried in this country every day. She’s a mother accused of killing her child. Many other women have been tried for killing their children. The only reason I see for covering her trial any more than any other is to fill air time and because the other networks are covering it. It’s one-upmanship, pure and simple. Escalation. Like the arms race. Our “news” networks have become little more than televised supermarket tabloids. At least O.J. Simpson was a football hero and celebrity gone nuts. But who is Casey Anthony and why should I care?

4 thoughts on “Casey who?

  1. Ditto Pied. I have so little interest in this story that I predict it will be the focus of a movie within two years.

  2. As with Scott and Laci Peterson, the only reason her case is receiving such media attention is because she’s a physically attractive, upper middle-class white person. This crap isn’t news. War, disease and disaster, the economy–that is news. Not this crap.

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